Chilli Pro Team

Gary Ably


Age: 28
Hometown: Phoenix AZ
Nickname: scoot lord
What's your favorite food? pickles
What's your setup:? All Chilli parts: Weezle deck, 120mm, V Bars, Diamond forks.
What's your favorite trick: chainsaw
Favorite place you ever been to: New Zealand
Favorite park/spot to ride: anything that flows.
Riders that you look up to: Matt McKeen, Cam Ward, Cody Donovan, an Daniel Cardenas.
Worst crash: broke my forearm on the edge of my deck.
What other interest/hobbies do you have: photography, bmx, camping, an anything fun.
Top Five songs that get you pumped up to ride: honestly I don't have a top 5 I just enjoy all music
Five things you must have at all times: not really sure I just go with the flow of things.
-SHOUT OUTS: Gordys Bicycles for always supporting me, my family, all my fans, Dana Cunningham for getting me into scootering, Daniel Cardenas for always pushing me to go bigger an try new things. all my old sponsors for getting me where I am today, HUGE THANKS TO CHILLI for all there support an an help in the progression of are sport, an last HUG E SHOUT OUT TO THE HOOMIES AN ALL THE OG'S.

McKaden McIntosh


Age: 15
IG: @_mckaden_scooterrider98_
Hometown: Pleasant Grove, Utah
Nickname: macmac
What's your favorite food: sushi
What's your Chilli setup: Chilli Reaper Fire
What's your favorite trick: Whip bar or kickless
Favorite place you ever been to: California
Favorite park/spot to ride: Orem, utah skatepark
Riders that you look up to: R willy and Dakota Schuetz
Worst crash: Learning my kickless over spine and to planted instantly stopped and face planted
What other interest/hobbies do you have: Bmx and baseball
Top Five songs that get you pumped up to ride: Ivan b: happy feels, Ivan b: sweaters, I took a pill in Ibiza, John bellion: All time low, and guts over fear: eminem
Five things you must have at all times: Phone, Friends, family, food, and Scooter whenever I can

Rayce Palmer


Age? 17 years old
Hometown? Idaho falls, Idaho
Nickname? Scooter kid
What's your favorite food? Pizza
What's your chilli setup? Chilli Z C5 v2.
What's your favorite trick? Backflips and flairs and bri flips.
Favorite place you've ever been? Probably California or Utah!
Favorite park/spot to ride? Either my local Tauphas or Wasatch action park!
Riders that you look up to? R-Willy, jordan Clark, Raymond warner, Capron/Corey Funk, Brendan Smith, etc..
Worst crash? I hand planted a 12 ft deep bowl and pushed off to my face to flat.
What other interests and hobbies do you have? Riding dirt bikes, snowboards, and bmxing!
What shop do you represent? I represent beamers action sports shop!
Top 5 songs that get you pumped up to ride?T Long story short - illy , tight rope - illy, sweaters - Ivan b, life goes on - Ivan b, and congratulations - post Malone.
5 things you must have at all times? Helmet, mouth guard, knee pads, scooter, and phone.

Fernando Felix


Age: 17 years old.
Hometown: Mexicali, Mexico.
Nickname: Felix.
What's your favorite food:Italian food.
What's your Chilli setup: Weezle deck, 110 thunder wheels, proto bars, Slim fork.
What's your favorite tricks: wall rides and thailwhips.
Favorite place you ever been to: Los Angeles
Favorite park/spot to ride: Sidewinder skatepark.
Riders that you look up to:Chema Cardenas, Matt McKeen, Josh Young
Worst crash: 2 years ago I almost broke my knees, I was trying to jump a set of stairs and I fall really hard on my knees. Nowadays sometimes I have problems with my knees.
What other interest/hobbies do you have:Photography and filmmaker.
What Shop do you represent:Dscooter shop.
Top Five songs that get you pumped up to ride: Fidlar - Wake Bake Skate. Title fight - Chlorine. Ty segall - My sunshine. Three six mafia - Rainbow colors. Suicide boys - Magazine.
Five things you must have at all times: Scooter,Camera,Friends,Music, Phone
SHOUT : D Scooter Shop, Mexicali, Mexico

Dillon Berhow


14 years old
Beef on rice
Reaper Wave
360 down-heel
Santa Monica / Santa Clarita
Brendon smith
Two fractures in my heel
Designing and engineering
Riverbend BBS
Logic-ballin logic-wrist galantis-runaway chainsmokers-closer chainsmokers-roses
My phone my scooter headphones wifi pants
Shoutout to all the homies who helped me get where I am today & shoutout to my brother @skyler.berhow on instagram for pushing me to my limits

Dillon Scott


I am 15 years old
My hometown is West Jordan
My nick name is "Dirren" (deer-in)
Favorite food is Ramen
I'm going to be getting the Grim Reaper
Favorite trick is bri-whip umbrella
I love to go to California
Favorite park is Wasatch indoor skatepark
I look up to Cody Flom and Brendan Smith Worst crash is just a broken wrist and nose
I love to play all sports and also love to build
I represent Utah Pro Scooters
Top 5 songs: Lose Yourself- Eminem, Alone- Jordan Camoli, Feels right-NCS, Devil Eyes- Hippie sabotage, and Meet me- Trap nation
Top 5 things I need: scooter, family, friends, phone, and headphones

Liam Rosario


Hometown: San Diego, CA
Nickname: SD Liam
What is your favorite food? Pasta
What is your Chilli Set Up? Urban Jungle Reaper
What is your favorite trick? Bar Whip
Favorite Place You Ever Been To? Woodward West
Favorite Skatepark To Ride? Clairemont
Riders You Look Up To? Kiara Meade, John Reyes, Zig Short and Corey Vanlew
Favorite Skatepark To Ride?Clairemont
Worst Crash? I did a stall on a quarter at Esco Skatepark. I dropped in and face planted. I had a fat bloody lip for a few days.
What other interest/hobbies do you have? I love basketball, playing violin and DJing.
What shop do you represent?Scooter Stop in San Marcos, CA
Top 5 Songs that get you pumped to ride? Beautiful Light by Uppermost. WeDontBelieveYou by Bones, Xavier Wulf & Chris Travis. 44 Bars by Logic. Darth Vader by Anonymuz. Bloom by Odezsa
5 things you must have at all times? Family, Music, Scooter, iPhone and flat iron for my hair.
Shout Out? Shout out to Scooter Stop, Chilli Scooters, MimicMe.T, my dad
for always supporting and believing in me and everyone who helped me and continue to help me along the way.
Skander Anderson

Skander Anderson


Age? 7 years old
Hometown? Tucson, AZ
What's your favorite food? Hot Dogs
What's your chilli setup? Chilli "The Mini" 3,000
What's your favorite trick? I love doing 360's & I want to learn Buttercups.
Favorite place you ever been to? Mt. Graham, Arizona
Favorite park/spot to ride? Ronka, in Bakersfield, California.
Riders that you look up to? Matty Ceravolo, Raymond Warner, R-Willy, Madd Jamie Hull, & Jordan Robles
Worst crash? clipped the coping on a big box jump, landed groin to bar & face to ground
What other interests and hobbies do you have? Snowboarding, hiking, & biking.
What shop do you represent? The Scooter Stop
Top 5 songs that get you pumped up to ride? We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister, Invincible - Deaf Kev, Hail To The King - Avenge Sevenfold, Heros Tonight - Janji, Still Breathing - Greenday
5 things you must have at all times? I-Pad, Helmet, Mouthguard, Kneepads, & Scoot