Warranty Info

Chilli Pro Scooters are designed for freestyle scootering. Scootering is an extreme sport and riders are constantly trying to develop their skill level which is great for the progression of the sport. Unfortunately due to this, the products will get damaged due to normal use, crashes or bails from tricks in skate parks and on the street as new and more advanced tricks are learned and practiced.

It is also the reason why we have different scooters offering different specifications for different intended uses be it beginner, intermediate or advanced, that can be seen on our website.

At Chilli Pro Scooters we are proud of our products and provide a warranty against manufacturer’s defects for up to 90 days from the point of purchase and for the original owner only. (except for Titanium bars)

It does not cover wheel or headset bearings, chips, scratches, chunking, flat spots, bending, snapping, cracking or damage of parts that are a result of any normal use.

Handlebars cannot be cut on height or width.

Deck cannot be modified like cut or drilled.

Fork cannot be cut.

Titanium bars does NOT offer warranty, please understand that titanium bars even though are very strong are not made for everyone that rides hard, this product is for experienced riders***

Products cannot be modified on any way like paint stripped, plastidip, chromed, etc due to might change the composition of the materials originally used.

To qualify under warranty, they must be the original owner, provide proof of purchase (email receipt is fine) and provide a photo of the damaged part and an image of your complete scooter. In addition to this, the product must have been maintained properly and not have been modified in anyway.

All warrantied products will need to be returned to us at your cost to Chilli Pro Scooter for evaluation before a replacement/discount is offered. 

To get started with a warranty claim please send us an email to info@chillproscooter.com. Include the following info in the email:

  • First & Last Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Product Model (ex. Chilli Reaper Sun Complete, American Bars, etc)
  • Date of Purchase
  • Place of Purchase
  • Purchase Price